New wheels! Bought on eBay many months ago following a late night speculative ‘Best Offer’ bid I never expected to be accepted and before I had a specific MX-5 in mind to buy, they look so much better on a car than stacked up by the garden shed… They sport amber and black Eunos centre carry stickers the same as on this site and will need a refurb at some point but funds are tight and the new tyres that adorn them were a greater priority. Incidentally, the tyres are Uniroyal Rainsport 3s and were a great deal from Camskill. I love the deep dish look, and the way they’re 15” and yet still have a retro ‘small wheel’ look. Very pleased with them.


I've owned my Roadster for a week now. In that time I've driven 400+ miles (the 5000 mile limit on my insurance is going to be pushed to the limit!), greased the door locks, given it a superficial wash, changed the gear knob, sorted out some of the boot carpet, removed the stripes & stickers so I can have a fresh start, sourced the paint etc. to do the sills, and had to replace the clutch slave cylinder (hence it being on a ramp in the photo).

Next week (time & weather permitting) it'll be removing the stripe-glue, oiling up the window runners, seeing if the alloys I bought for it fit (I don't think they will due to how low the suspension is) and maybe...start work on those sills. I'm a bit scared of them to be honest though!


I've loved driving her (she's a she - I can't do this 'it' business!) this week and I've become reacquainted with all the things I loved about the MX-5 and have been yearning for these past three years. My particular favourites? The steering through roundabouts, the throw of the gear change, and the drop at the back under acceleration as you're pushed rather than pulled. All lovely...


Vauxhall Nova 1.2 L 3dr Hatchback in Carnelian Red

My first car was a present from my Mum & Dad. It arrived a month before my 17th birthday and I spent that month applying Cambridge United stickers and painting the Vauxhall badges & trim lines yellow. Polished on a pretty much weekly basis I always referred to it as 'My Little Baby'. It served me well during the latter part of 6th form, my year out and my first year of university. It was also, of course, the car I passed my driving test in.

The Nova belonged to the days when small cars felt small and tinny, and its hideously offset steering wheel constantly rubbed against my leg, but I loved it and on the rare occasions I see one on the roads today (almost always later models with the separate grille & bumper) I can't help but smile. I know it will have been scrapped years ago, but of all the cars I've owned this is the one that I most wish I could drive again.